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Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect Chicken Alfredo in Tomato Sauce

Chicken Alfredo in Tomato Sauce. How do you make Tomato Chicken Alfredo? First, boil the pasta as per the package instructions. While the pasta cook, stir together the diced tomatoes, alfredo sauce, shredded chicken, garlic powder, and dried basil in a medium pot over medium heat.

Chicken Alfredo in Tomato Sauce Add undrained tomatoes; reduce heat to low. Alfredo tomato sauce is a fun twist on the traditional Alfredo sauce. Warm, robust, and a comforting pasta dish. You can cook Chicken Alfredo in Tomato Sauce using 16 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chicken Alfredo in Tomato Sauce

  1. Prepare of Onions.
  2. You need of Garlic.
  3. It's of Tomatoes.
  4. It's of Chicken.
  5. You need of Salt.
  6. It's of Pepper.
  7. You need of Sugar.
  8. You need of Tomato Sauce.
  9. You need of Carrots.
  10. Prepare of Green leafy veggies (pechay).
  11. Prepare of Cheddar cheese.
  12. Prepare of Mozarella.
  13. You need of Parmesan.
  14. You need of Butter.
  15. You need of Spaghetti pasta.
  16. You need of Milk.

The colors will make you want to dive right in with the pinkish sauce topped with vibrant green basil! Serve topped with a fresh Basil leaf and a slice of Tomato. Optional: Serve with a side of Pasta. BACON, TOMATO, AND CHEESE OPEN SANDWICH.

Chicken Alfredo in Tomato Sauce step by step

  1. Saute Onions and garlic in butter.
  2. Put chicken.
  3. Add salt and pepper and sugar.
  4. Add tomatoes and carrots.
  5. Add milk.
  6. Simmer for 5 mins.
  7. Add tomato sauce.
  8. After 2 mins, Add parmesan, cheddar, and mozarella.

Heat butter and olive oil. medium heat. In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook pasta according to package instructions; drain well. This chicken pasta has a light creamy tomato Alfredo sauce. It is ridiculously good minus all the heaviness of traditional creamy Alfredo. It tastes fancy but this pasta recipe is really simple to make.

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