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Taco Ground Beef Instant Pot Chili

 Taco Ground Beef Instant Pot Chili Recipe is a favorite! Roasted pasilla peppers, hearty ground beef and beans and a secret, no TWO secret ingredients you might be shocked by. This 

An Instant pot also allows you to do many things in one appliance because you can saute, cook yogurt, slow cook and more. A pressure cooker is like a pot on the stove but with a special lid that allows you to cook at a high pressure. 


  • 2 Pounds Ground Beef
  • 3 Cloves Garlic minced
  • 1/2 Red Onion Diced
  • 1 Can Black Beans 15 Ounces
  • 1 Can Kidney Beans 16 Ounces
  • 1 1/2 Cups Corn We buy the frozen roasted corn at Trader Joes
  • 1 Can Creamed Corn
  • 2 Cans Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes
  • 3 Pasilla Peppers Roasted, peeled and diced
  • 1 Can Tomato Sauce 8 ounces
  • 1 Envelope Ranch Dressing
  • 1 Envelope Taco Seasoning
  • 1 Can Tomatoes with Diced Green Chiles
  • Salt To taste
  • Toppings of choice fritos, cheese, sour cream etc
  • 1 Jalapeno blistered and minced with or without seeds. See note
Taco Ground Beef Instant Pot Chili


  1. In the instant pot on the saute mode, cook and crumble the ground beef using a meat chopper, adding the onions and garlic halfway through and cooking until no longer pink, 8-10 minutes, drain any grease.
  2. Rinse and drain all beans. Add beans corn and creamed corn to beef, along with 3/4 canned tomatoes, and half the roasted pasilla peppers, tomato sauce, the dressing and seasoning mixes and salt.
  3. Puree remaining pasilla peppers and remaining diced tomatoes in a covered blender until smooth; stir into beef mixture
  4. Place the lid on with the valve on seal and cook for 18-20 minutes then allow a natural release for 15 minutes. Serve with toppings as desired like Fritos, cheese, sour cream, etc.

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