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Recipe: Yummy Jalapeno & Sausage stuffed Enchiladas in Alfredo Sauce

Jalapeno & Sausage stuffed Enchiladas in Alfredo Sauce. The jalapeño (UK: / ˌ h æ l ə ˈ p eɪ n j oʊ / HAL-ə-PAY-nyoh, US: / ˌ h ɑː l-/ HAHL-, Spanish: [xalaˈpeɲo] ()) is a medium-sized chili pepper pod type cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum. It can have a range of pungency, with Scoville. Find jalapeno recipes, videos, and ideas from Food Network.

Jalapeno & Sausage stuffed Enchiladas in Alfredo Sauce Serve over ice in a salt-rimmed glass, garnished with cucumber slices. Journal of Dairy Science: "Jalapeno Pepper Pungency as a Quality Control Factor for Process Cheese." Surgical Neurology International: "Natural anti-inflammatory agents for pain relief." What is a good jalapeño substitute? The best is a serrano pepper. You can have Jalapeno & Sausage stuffed Enchiladas in Alfredo Sauce using 19 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Jalapeno & Sausage stuffed Enchiladas in Alfredo Sauce

  1. It's of For the Stuffing:.
  2. You need of Jalapenos (finely diced).
  3. Prepare of Mild Ground Italian Sausage.
  4. It's of Diced Onions.
  5. It's of tblsp butter.
  6. It's of Minced garlic.
  7. You need of Goya Sazon.
  8. You need of Cream Cheese (8 oz. Bar).
  9. It's of Flour Tortillas (Soft Taco).
  10. It's of For the Sauce:.
  11. Prepare of unsalted butter.
  12. Prepare of Heavy Cream.
  13. Prepare of Cream Cheese (8 oz bar).
  14. Prepare of minced garlic.
  15. Prepare of Italian Season.
  16. It's of Garlic Powder.
  17. You need of Onion Powder.
  18. It's of Salt, Pepper (to taste).
  19. You need of cup. Shredded Parmesan Cheese. More for topping.

It's similar in taste - bright and grassy - without the same level of bitterness. Baking jalapeño poppers: for a crispier jalapeno poppers, bake them on the top wire rack in the oven. Different types of cooking jalapeño poppers: grilling, fried or air fryer are great ways to enjoy jalapeño poppers. Can't wait to make these again so I can have a few more.

Jalapeno & Sausage stuffed Enchiladas in Alfredo Sauce step by step

  1. In a deep skillet, saute onions and Jalapenos in butter until soft..
  2. Add Ground Sausage, Minced Garlic, a pinch of Goya Sazon until sausage is cooked through..
  3. Melt in Cream Cheese and turn off heat..
  4. Grab a plate and place a tortilla on it. Spoon Mixture into a tortilla and roll it up. Place in a Greased 9×13 baking dish..
  5. Repeat until all 6 tortillas are rolled up and placed side by side each other in a baking dish. Set aside..
  6. Using the same skillet, no need to rinse of. Add 1 stick butter, Cream Cheese, 2 tsp Minced garlic and cook til combined..
  7. Add heavy cream and cook for 10-15 minutes, whisk continuously. Sauce should be smooth with no lumps..
  8. Add remaining seasoning and cook for another 5 minutes.
  9. Add 1 bag of Parmesan Cheese and stir til incorporated..
  10. Pour Sauce over Enchilados and top with more Shredded Parmesan Cheese..
  11. Bake @ 350 for 25 minutes or until cheese is good and melty..
  12. Serve with Garlic Bread and Enjoy 😋.

Lastly, I had extra cream cheese left over so I brought veggies and people enjoyed the inside stuffing of these as is! Love that no food was wasted. The jalapeno pepper plant is a member of the hot pepper family and shares company with other fiery hot varieties such as tobacco, cayenne and cherry. Jalapenos are the only pepper that isn't allowed to fully ripen and change color before being picked. How to Pickle Jalapenos - the Recipe Steps.

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