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Recipe: Appetizing Nizami_Biryani

Nizami_Biryani. Check out the Nizami Biryani Recipe in Urdu. Learn how to make best Nizami Biryani Recipe, cooking at its finest by chef Shireen Anwar at Masala TV show. Stay connected to all updated on Nizami Biryani.

Nizami_Biryani CHICKEN BIRYANI HYDERABADI Nizami Style Preparation World Famous Nizami Chicken Biryani -- Hyderabadi Biryani -- Nawab's Kitchen Recipes. Chana Biryani Recipe - Traditional Pot Biryani - How To Make Chana Biryani - Matka Biryani - Varun. You can have Nizami_Biryani using 18 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Nizami_Biryani

  1. You need of MUTTON -.
  2. You need of Basmati rice -750 gm (soak for 30 minutes).
  3. It's of Brown onion - 1 cup plus 1/2 cup.
  4. Prepare of Whole mix spice - 1 tbsp (black and green cardamon, cinnamon and cloves).
  5. It's of Ginger garlic -.
  6. You need of Red chilli whole -.
  7. It's of Turmeric -.
  8. It's of Black cumin.
  9. Prepare of Yogurt -.
  10. Prepare of All spice.
  11. Prepare of Cream -.
  12. Prepare of Milk -.
  13. Prepare of Saffron - 1/4 tsp mixed in 1 tbsp milk.
  14. It's of Oil -.
  15. Prepare of Coriander leaves - handful.
  16. You need of Mint leaves -handful.
  17. It's of Chopped green chilies -.
  18. You need of Salt.

World Famous Nizami Fried Chicken Biryani Biryani has at least two distinct ways of cooking - Nizami style from the Hyderabad and Nawab style from Awadh or Lucknow. While Biryani from Hyderabad is known more for its liberal use of spices. Hyderabadi mutton biryani or kacha gosht ki biryani is a traditional style of making the biryani by cooking the raw meat with spices for a couple of.

Nizami_Biryani step by step

  1. Boil Mutton with 1/2 cup water, 1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste and salt until tender, (5 to 7 minutes), retain the remaining stock and use it later.
  2. Heat oil, add whole mix spice, brown onion, ginger garlic, red chilli and salt and cook for 2 minutes.Now put boiled mutton and fry for another 5 minutes and then yogurt and fry it for few minutes.
  3. Then add cream, saffron,, green chilies, mint, coriander and milk, cook for 5 minutes and take it out..
  4. Cooking the rice 1) In biryani most important is cooking of rice.soak the rice for half an hour,as you are cooking Mutton..
  5. Keep a vessel with water to boil,add salt little extra and add black cumin.you can add two cut lemon after removing juice as it doesn't allow rice to stick to each other(chefs tip)..
  6. As water is boiling,then add rice, cook till it's half done....important not to over cook rice,it will take 7 mts for the rice to get half cooked as rice keeps cooking even after it is strained due to the heat trapped between the rice..
  7. Layering the rice and gravy 1) In this biryani, Add rice at the bottom, followed the gravy along with Mutton pieces and brown onions and then repeat the layer one more time then sprinkle some more coriander and mint add colour mix in milk.
  8. Cover with aluminum foil and do not mix it...cook in slow flame for 20mts,you can see the steam coming out of the rice (once steam comes means the rice is ready).
  9. Serve hot with onion raita(chopped onion and green chillies in curd).

Know the process of making the "World Famous Nizami Chicken Biryani". Traditional Lamb Biryani By Grandpa Kitchen. muttonbiryani #kalyanibiryani #biryanirecipe Mutton biryani, biryani recipe, mutton biryani recipe, dum biryani. Biryani dek ne ke liye achchha he,lekin chicken katcha he,pehli chicken ko fry nahi kiya isliye. Maine aaj biryani bnayi jindagi m pehlibaar sach btau to aisa bekaar biryani maine jindagi m ni Making of The ORIGINAL BAWARCHI BIRYANI In Hyderabad Photo by: Sanjeev Kapoor/Gulf News Archives.

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