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How to Make Appetizing Congee for the Instant Pot

Congee for the Instant Pot. Make Your Kitchen Experience As Easy, Convenient, & As Delicious As Possible! Time to cook chicken congee in Instant Pot! Congee is rice porridge that is made by simmering a small amount of rice in a large amount of water until the rice breaks down and turns silky and smooth.

Congee for the Instant Pot The recipe also works in a pressure cooker. When I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I always crave a hot chicken noodle soup. When I feel really sick, though, nothing beats a. You can have Congee for the Instant Pot using 10 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Congee for the Instant Pot

  1. Prepare 3/4 cup (173 g) of Jasmine rice (using standard 250 ml cup) (or white rice).
  2. Prepare 6.5-7 cups of cold water (using standard 250 ml cup).
  3. Prepare 5 of – 6 chicken drumsticks (or chicken thighs).
  4. It's 1 of small onion finely chopped/diced.
  5. You need 1 tablespoon of ginger, minced or puréed.
  6. Prepare of Garlic - 2 or more cloves minced.
  7. You need of Green onions for garnish.
  8. Prepare of Salt (to taste).
  9. It's 2-4 cups of shredded cabbage (SAVE THIS until the very end) this also can be optional.
  10. It's of Optional: serve with peanuts, crispy garlic, see notes below.

What do you serve on Instant Pot Congee? Since you cook the rice together with the chicken in the Instant Pot, the congee already comes rich with flavor. When I am looking to make it more savory and filling though, I always add a pinch of salt, some sliced green scallions, a bit of hot chili oil, and a hard boiled egg. Instant Pot® Chicken Congee Instant Pot® Chicken Congee.

Congee for the Instant Pot instructions

  1. Rinse 173g (3/4 standard cup) of rice in the pot under cold water by gently scrubbing the rice with your fingertips in a circling motion. Pour out the milky water, and continue to rinse until water is clear. Drain well. Peel onion and run under cold water so that if the onion is sharp it will not sting your eyes as much when you dice it..
  2. Add finely chopped onion, minced ginger, minced garlic (I use a pampered chef to assist in my chopping as I am horrible with knives), 5-6 chicken drumsticks and 6.5 - 7 cups of cold water (using standard 250 ml cup) into the pot. Do not add salt at this point. (The ratio is 1 cup rice to 9 - 9.75 cups of water).
  3. Close the lid on the instant pot and cook at high pressure for 30 minutes. Then do a Natural Release in the Instant Pot..
  4. Open the lid carefully. The congee will look watery at this point. At this point, you could add the optional 2-3 cups cabbage. Stir in the shredded cabbage - it will wilt down and cook enough from the residual heat in the pot..
  5. Heat up the pot (Instant Pot: press Sauté button), stir until desired thickness & consistency. Season with salt..
  6. If needed, use tongs and fork to separate the chicken meat from the bones (they literally fall off the bone) and remove the chicken bones and skin (if desired). It is better to use chicken or meat with the bone in for nutrients and flavour but it is not a deal breaker if you do not..
  7. Remove congee from heat and garnish with green onions. You can serve immediately. Please see notes for ideas of what to serve with congee..
  8. Notes You can easily customize the congee by adding toppings like crispy garlic, fried shallots, roasted salted peanuts, soy sauce, fish sauce, etc.
  9. Keeps well in the fridge for up to 5 days. Reheat in a 350F oven or in a pot on the stovetop..

Congee (also known as Jook) is a staple in many parts of Asia and is a traditional healing food in Chinese Medicine. After being prescribed congee to help my stomach, spleen, and pancreas, I wanted to know how to quickly and easily make it in my Instant Pot. Congee usually needs to simmer for quite some time, so the Instant Pot is a great way to make congee fast, but I've included stove top directions for everyone else (it's ridiculously simple either way). So, even though I've titled this "Instant Pot Congee", don't pass up this gem of a recipe just because you don't own a trendy IP. Congee Instant Pot When Using Instant Pot.

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