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How to Cook Delicious Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies 3-Ingredient

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies 3-Ingredient. You definitely can eat these chocolate chip banana oatmeal cookies for breakfast or for a healthy snack. If you are looking for a super easy (and delicious), grab-and-go breakfast option, this recipe is for you! Simply made of oats, bananas and chocolate chips these yummy cookies are like eating a bowl of oatmeal, only in cookie form.

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies  3-Ingredient Waking up and seeing a banana that's almost too ripe is one of my favorite things! It means that I have a banana that's perfect for making banana breakfast cookies. Not only do I get to eat cookies for breakfast, but these are such healthy. You can cook Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies 3-Ingredient using 3 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies 3-Ingredient

  1. It's 2 of bananas.
  2. You need 1 1/2 cups of oats.
  3. You need 1/3 c of mini chocolate chips.

When I found this recipe for Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies on Youtube, I knew I struck gold because the ingredients were such simple and basic things I already had available in my prepping supplies. When it comes to breakfast, I used to always think I was oatmeal, sweet bread, or a pancake kind of guy. Not to play favorites, but as long as there was some banana in there too, I'd be a happy camper. HOW TO MAKE OATMEAL BANANA COOKIES.

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies 3-Ingredient instructions

  1. Mash bananas with fork.
  2. Add in oats, mix with fork.
  3. Fold in chocolate chips.
  4. (Pre heat oven 350 cook for 12-15 mins).
  5. Take a big spoon full of mix, roll into a ball, then flatten out, place on cookie sheet.
  6. Note- these cookies do not rise, the way the cookies are shaped and placed on cookie sheets will be how they turn out. Store in air tight container in refrigerator up to five days..
  7. Use ripe bananas.The riper, the more brown-speckled, the better your cookies will taste. I also recommend using fresh, not previously frozen, thawed bananas. These cookies freeze well for up to 3 months. Refrigerate overnight to thaw before enjoying. Try your favorite mix-ins! About a 1/4 cup sliced almonds or dried fruit would be great options..

Mash the bananas in a mixing bowl. Mix the oats and vanilla extract into the banana. Scoop the dough onto a greased cookie sheet in rounded tablespoons. Let cool on a wire rack. VARIATIONS If you try these peanut butter banana oatmeal cookies, feel free to let me know in a comment and leave a star rating, or take a photo and tag me @livbane on Instagram!

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