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Easiest Way to Make Tasty Tasty Ground Beef Special

Tasty Ground Beef Special. A Freezer Full of Omaha Steaks Means Peace of Mind for Your Family. Premium Ground Beef Delivered To Your Door. Turn that pound of ground beef into something special with our best ground beef recipes of the year.

Tasty Ground Beef Special When pasta sauce meets ground beef and melted cheese, the table's set for a sure-fire family favorite. Get top recipes for meaty lasagna, ziti, pasta casseroles, and beefy bakes. You can have Pasta with ground beef You can cook Tasty Ground Beef Special using 9 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Tasty Ground Beef Special

  1. It's 1 lbs of ground beef.
  2. It's 1 of onion.
  3. You need 4 of small potatoes.
  4. It's 1 can of beef gravy.
  5. You need of salt.
  6. You need of pepper.
  7. Prepare of garlic.
  8. It's of olive oil.
  9. Prepare 6 tablespoons of butter.

I wanted to lighten up my mother-in-law's wonderful stroganoff recipe and came up with this tasty spin. In our home, we call my easy beef stroganoff "special noodles." —Jennifer Riordan, St. Ground beef turns Spanish rice into a main dish. Ground beef recipes are a weeknight favorite for so many reasons: ground beef is inexpensive, cooks up fast, and can be used in endless delicious ways.

Tasty Ground Beef Special instructions

  1. Season beef with salt, pepper, and garlic then fry ground beef..
  2. While beef is frying cut potatoes like a chip, thin. and cut onion like a ring..
  3. Put potatoes and onions in separate pan season with salt,, pepper, and garlic. Set temperature to medium high. then put oil, and butter on top of potatoes..
  4. When beef is finished cooking put in a bowl and set aside. Using the beef pan with beef grease in it empty the potatoes and onion pan into the beef pan and continue to cook..
  5. When potatoes are finished cooking add the cooked ground beef to pan, as well as the beef gravy. continue to cook and mix through until the gravy is heated..
  6. Enjoy!!!!.

If you're looking for a tasty new spin on classic ground beef recipes like meatloaf , hamburgers , chili , and lasagna , the Southern Living Test Kitchen has you covered. Best ground beef for chili: We LOVE ButcherBox's Ground Beef. Their ground beef is always grass fed and grass finished - so you never have to worry about the quality! Y ou usually don't read about healthy ground beef recipes, because ground beef gets a pretty bad rap. Sure, it makes hamburgers and other delicious not-so-weight-loss friendly food, but the truth is it can easily be part of a healthy diet.

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