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Recipe: Perfect Cheesy Shrimp Nachos

Cheesy Shrimp Nachos. When a family friend shared this nacho recipe, smothered with fresh shrimp and a sour cream topping, I knew I had discovered a match made in seafood and snack-food heaven. I liked how shrimp deviated from the typical beef or chicken topping on nachos, while adding a summery flair. Place a layer of chips on a large, ovenproof platter or baking sheet.

Cheesy Shrimp Nachos Shrimp nachos would also make a great appetizer or snack instead of a main course. You can scale the recipe up or down very easily. And if you like things extra cheesy, just add a little more. You can cook Cheesy Shrimp Nachos using 7 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Cheesy Shrimp Nachos

  1. It's of Tortilla chips (sometimes I make my own out of corn tortillas).
  2. Prepare of Cheese (I used sharp cheddar).
  3. It's 2/3 dozen of Shrimp (I used the frozen, pre-cooked kind).
  4. Prepare of Garlic Sea Salt.
  5. Prepare of Sourcream.
  6. It's of Guacamole.
  7. It's of Mild to Medium salsa.

Tender shrimp, marinated with spices, lime juice, garlic and cilantro, then pan grilled with peppers and onions and piled high on blue corn tortilla chips with loads of Sargento® Shredded Mild Cheddar. These cheesy, spicy, crunchy Shrimp Nachos are an easy at-home meal that can be customized with all of your favorite toppings. They are seriously one of my favorite foods. Cold in shrimp cocktails, skewered on the grill, or baked on top of crispy tortilla chips like the ones in this amazing Shrimp Nachos recipe.

Cheesy Shrimp Nachos instructions

  1. Shred cheese if it isn't already shredded..
  2. Layer chips and cheese to your liking. Sprinkle Garlic Sea Salt if you wish..
  3. Thaw, and cut or rip shrimp to your liking and place on top of chips and cheese..
  4. Microwave for about 1 minute and 20 seconds or until cheese is to your melted preference..
  5. Top with your desired toppings..

These shrimp nachos start with crispy tortilla chips that are topped with a mixture of shrimp in a spicy, creamy, cheesy sauce. Nachos are taken to a whole new level of yum when tortilla chips are topped with a creamy, cheesy shrimp dip mixture and then even more cheese!! If you love queso or Mexican-inspired food as much as I do, then these nachos are for you. I mean, you probably need to like shrimp too, but you could substitute chicken if you absolutely had to. Nachos come in different varieties, toppings, and sometimes even different names.

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