Recipe: Delicious Cocoa/Vanilla Panna Cotta with Persimmon Purée

Cocoa/Vanilla Panna Cotta with Persimmon Purée.

Cocoa/Vanilla Panna Cotta with Persimmon Purée You can have Cocoa/Vanilla Panna Cotta with Persimmon Purée using 8 ingredients and 14 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Cocoa/Vanilla Panna Cotta with Persimmon Purée

  1. Prepare of light whipping cream (30% fat content).
  2. It's of whole milk (3.4% fat content).
  3. It's of granulated white sugar.
  4. Prepare of pure vanilla extract (around 1tsp).
  5. You need of gelatin powder (around 1tbsp).
  6. It's of water (around 2-3 tbsp).
  7. It's of cocoa powder (around 1tsp).
  8. You need of ripe fuyu persimmon (around 1 persimmon).

Cocoa/Vanilla Panna Cotta with Persimmon Purée instructions

  1. Pour the water in a small glass then add in the gelatin powder and leave for about 5 to 10 minutes for the gelatin to harden..
  2. In a small saucepan add in the light whipping cream, milk (if you want, you can substitute the whole milk for a low fat 1,5% milk and still get a good result) and sugar and bring to a simmer over a medium stove..
  3. While the liquid mix is cooling down, add in the vanilla extract and the gelatin. The liquid should still be warm, so the gelatin can easily dissolve..
  4. Divide the mixture in two equal parts and in one of them stir in the cocoa powder. Don't worry if some small bits of cocoa don't dissolve completely. I personally like the small granules, because they give the Panna Cotta a very nice texture..
  5. Cover a tray with a tea towel so the glasses don't slide on the surface and tilt them on the sides of the tray, so that they stand at an angle..
  6. Gently pour in the vanilla Panna Cotta until you almost hit the edge of the glass and then leave the entire tray in the refrigerator for about an hour or until you see that the Panna Cotta has set completely..
  7. After the vanilla Panna Cotta has set, turn the glasses on the tray, so that you can fill the rest of the space with the cocoa Panna Cotta mix..
  8. Again, pour in the cocoa Panna Cotta at an angle until you almost hit the edge of the glass and return the tray back in the fridge for another hour or until you see that the cocoa Panna Cotta has set as well..
  9. Peel and cut into small pieces the Fuyu Persimmon and blend it in your blender or food processor until smooth. If you don't have a blender or a food processor, you can easily use a fork as well..
  10. If you don't have persimmons available or you just don't like them, you can easily use any fruit you like instead. The process is the same - cut in smaller pieces and blend until smooth. I didn't add any sugar to the purée, because the ripe persimmons are sweet enough, but if your fruit of choice isn't as sweet as you want it to be, just add a bit of sugar..
  11. Pour in your Persimmon purée in between the vanilla and cocoa Panna Cotta and return the glasses in the fridge for a couple of minutes so the entire dessert can set..
  12. For serving I used small 100 ml dessert glasses and I managed to fill 3 of them. If you don't have anything similar, feel free to use whatever you have at home..
  13. Tip! To fill the glasses at an angle and not spill the liquid everywhere I suggest you pour the Panna Cotta in a pitcher beforehand..
  14. Enjoy!.

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