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How to Cook Delicious Beefy Cabbage rice soup

Beefy Cabbage rice soup.

Beefy Cabbage rice soup You can have Beefy Cabbage rice soup using 22 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Beefy Cabbage rice soup

  1. You need of pds ground Beef or choice ground meat like turkey or sausage.
  2. You need of large head cabbage chopped.
  3. It's of long grain rice uncooked.
  4. It's of diced tomatoes any flavor/mild rotel 30 oz once mixed.
  5. It's of yellow onion.
  6. Prepare of diced bell pepper I used Tricolor.
  7. It's of tomato paste couple tsps.
  8. You need of low sodium vegetable stock.
  9. You need of low sodium beef broth.
  10. You need of low sodium chicken broth.
  11. Prepare of minced garlic.
  12. Prepare of red wine vinegar OR banana pepper juice.
  13. You need of whole mild pepperchino I let simmer in it.
  14. Prepare of worchershire sauce.
  15. It's of chopped fresh oregano and cilantro.
  16. It's of SMOKED Paprika.
  17. Prepare of UNcooked chopped bacon.
  18. It's of Mrs Dash Italian Medley it has alot dried herbs.
  19. Prepare of McCormick vegetable seasoning/celery flakes.
  20. It's of To taste: salt and pepper.
  21. You need of bay leafs.
  22. It's of small Pinch of crushed chili flakes.

Beefy Cabbage rice soup instructions

  1. Cook bacon in a large, round Dutch oven pot until it is crispy. Remove the bacon & drain all but about 2 Tbsp of the fat..
  2. Add the onion, bell pepper and sauté over medium heat until the onion is almost translucent. Add the ground meat/meats and cook through. Then the garlic, chili flakes, and cook another minute or so. Stir in tomato paste..
  3. Add the cabbage, tomatoes, beef broth and vegetable stock, banana pepper juice or red wine vinegar, worchershire sauce, smoked paprika,OREGANO, McCormick vegetable seasoning/celery flakes, bay leaves, italian dash medley and rice and stir. Cover pot with lid, and bring it up to a full boil. Reduce the heat to low and cook the soup until the rice is fully cooked, and cabbage is soft. Remove bay leaf. Add bacon back, & season to taste.

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